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  • Traditional pottery for locals

    Though established in a time when Vietnamese ceramics were focusing on mass manufacturing large quantity orders from clients in Europe or US, Yên Lam determined to make Vietnamese traditional ceramics to rekindle the once forgotten values of our native handicraft in a new line of products. Because we believe that one can not take to the sky before one likes it on the ground.

  • Yên Lam takes it “slow”

    Located in Bát Tràng, our hand-crafted pottery firm employs only 30 workers because we do not have any intention of making mass-produced goods. Yên Lam staff hope to take it “slow”: slow in every steps so as to maintain quality, taking our time in coming up with designs that fulfill both practical and aesthetic functions.

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Yên Lam (rough translation: Blue Mist) was established in 2007. Derived from the reflection of the smoke drifting out of wood kiln, our namesake is a nostalgic reminder of Vietnamese pottery from the distant past, hence we aim to create beautiful items that contribute to the betterment of native ceramic goods. The “blue” that we reflect upon is the shade of blue from the blue-white glaze of 15th century Vietnamese ceramics, the one that has made a name for our nation’s ceramic wares among other countries, which was created from the precious cobalt oxide.

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Here at Yên Lam, we offer more than 1000 handcrafted items. New designs and models are also updated frequently here

Ceramic BathroomwareCeramic Housewares

Matte Brown Glazed Washbasin (Lavabo) with Gilt-Bronze Mounts

3.850.000 VND 2.695.000 VND
Ceramic Decorative WaresFlower Vases

“Pine and Crane” Traditional Styled Flower Vase

2.250.000 VND
Ceramic TeawareNew ProductsTea Infuser/Filter Mugs

“Hoi An Lantern” Tea Filter Mug

145.000 VND 116.000 VND
Plant Pots

Pottery Planter with 3D Floral Vine Pattern

3.000.000 VND 2.850.000 VND

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September 18 , 2020

“What a gloomy color of these plates and bowls!”

“What a gloomy color of these plates and bowls!” “Is there anything more bright and shiny?” “I prefer gilt-bronze mounts. They look luxury!” Choosing a path to go with joy and happiness requires your decision to be approved by your heart, not your mind. “Homey” Dining Set at Yen Lam has the color of the …

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November 12 , 2018

Vietnamese Pottery – thousand years of ups and downs
Part 1: Dawn of the ages.

Potter is one of the earliest occupations in Vietnamese history. Bestowed with numerous rivers and streams all across the length of this S-shaped country, which provides abundant material for pottery making, about a dozen of pottery villages have spruced up in Vietnam and some still exist until today. More often than not, pottery villages are …

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